Take a closer look at the engaging digital brand experiences we have delivered to our satisfied clients.

  • Pie In The Sky Fundraising Platform

    Full redesign and redevelopment of Community Servings Pie in the Sky, a web-based peer-to-peer fundraiser, where Sellers sign up as individuals or teams to sell pies to the Buyers (their friends, family, and coworkers).

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    Showcasing sustainability achievements of one of the nation’s largest energy suppliers, this interactive report makes volumes of complex data easy to understand and share.

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  • Community Servings Website and CRM

    Using our own Limus CRM, this new website helps a not-for-profit organization plan volunteering and track donations for feeding critically ill people in the Boston area.

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  • Leros Point to Point Website

    A responsive website featuring Ground Widgets technology is connected to a real-time reservation system for the high-end global chauffer transportation service.

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    A newly designed website pulls real-time data from solar plants’ power production units and presents the information in appealing, easy-to-read infographics.

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  • New York Insight Website and CRM

    A complete website redesign for a large meditation center features a complex CRM system for custom event registration, member registration, donations, volunteering, and more.

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  • Cojeco Website and CRM

    A website redesign with a sophisticated CRM system serves as a social hub for New York’s Russian-speaking Jewish community.

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  • Touch Foundation Website

    A website redesign to empower a nonprofit organization committed to improving the health of people in Tanzania by strengthening the overall healthcare system.

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  • Caspida Website and Mobile Application

    A website and mobile application design and development for a security threats detection within complex computer networks.

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We look forward to learning about your organization, project, and dreams.

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